Parent Code of Conduct


1.  Especially for the younger ages, no speaking to the children at any point. Your children are better off if they are left alone, even if that means messing up, not following instructions, messing around in line, etc...we will make sure they act properly. They know what is expected from them pretty quickly. They enjoy their time out there, it really is best to let them figure some things out on their own. We typically learn through our mistakes.

2.  If a child goes down or appears hurt, just sit in your seat, don't worry we have them. Especially the younger children, the parents simply make it worse and it isn’t helpful to the other children or our workouts.

3.  We can’t stress enough DO NOT communicate with your children during the all. If you insist you will be asked to leave and your money will be accepted as a donation to the charities we support. Most parents know little about the game. It is not enjoyable for your children to be instructed from the sidelines or the front seat of the car on the way home. Just stay positive. We will push them, we will instruct them and we will help them become better, smarter players. Just be their parents and have fun.

4.  Please be on time, ready to go.